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Things to remember for IT professionals in todays competitive era.

It's really a tough world out there. Anyone who is going to shape career in IT must evaluate themselves to fir for the industry demand. Well, I have a handy list of signs that defines; IT isn't right choice for your career.

Lack of patience

Patience is essentially required while working in IT firm. When some problems strike, it requires a good deal of time and patience to overcome from the business turmoil. But if you lose your persistence, it is not going to help you out. But the need for patience doesn't end at dealing with problems. In most of the cases, end users will test your patience more than the technology will. If you are able to deal with the end users, you can survive or else leave IT immediately.

No desire to learn new technologies

IT is an ever-evolving field and always yields with new opportunities to learn. If you don’t have the desire to continue learning, you're way behind the professionals. This is one of those fields which give you an opportunity to learn new technologies and work on it. IT professionals need to keep themselves updated with advanced technologies tools. But if you are not willing to learn then, IT is not an appropriate place for your career growth.

Denial of work beyond your 8-9 hrs

Technology doesn't adhere to a set schedule. There comes the situation when you need to work beyond your schedule to meet the deadlines. When the company is packed with the heavy load of projects, it becomes necessary to work on weeKENds. Some day you may be asked to work on weeKENd but on the other day you are given the flexibility to enjoy your life with the perks and benefits it offers. But if you refuse to work outside 9-to-5, then you can’t sustain in IT.

Personal likes or dislikes

Whether you like your colleagues or not, but you have to support your end users. You have to be co-operative with your colleagues and work as a team. When we work in corporate we work for as a whole not for individual benefit. So thinking about our personal likes or dislikes it not going to benefit any long. The big irony is that lot of people have left IT because of their personal grievances.

Easily give up

Working in IT requires some work ethics to be followed. You should not easily give up instead develop a habit to best that problem. It really tests your abilities. If you gave up, it shows that you left something broKEN. And it is completely not an acceptable work ethic in IT. Yes off course in some cases issues goes above your skills set. In that case, it's your responsibility to replace the broKEN tech or hire someone in to fix the issue.

Not able to manage multitask

At any given point in a day, you can be asked to do three or four things at once. Sometimes, this is the only way to get everything done in the given timeframe. If you stick to one task at a time and can’t manage multitask then, IT is going to be a tough career for you. It doesn’t mean that single-minded people can't succeed — but they will have a tougher time than those who can multitask

Dreams of climbing the corporate ladder

There is no short cut to success. It requires your complete dedication, hard work and loyalty to work. If you hold such qualities then, you off course your work will be awarded and maybe you can even climb your way up to CIO.