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Kangenwell is an UK based Kangen water distributer. The business is run by Mr. Peter Chapman. He had a team all around the world, they used to provide wealth of information & help their customers to start using kangen healthy water. This water can be used for drinking, cooking and other purposes. They arrange various seminars to aware people on their health.

They have also few water purifier solutions in their product list. Their business was spread to all parts of UK, US, Singapore, Europe, Asia Pacific.

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen water is one of many brand names for so-called alkaline waters promoted as a healthier form of water with significant anti-oxidant properties. It's generally presented as the result of an electrolysis process which separates ordinary water (H20) into two separate entities. One half of the separated water becomes an acidic HO molecule, while the other becomes an alkaline OH molecule. The producers of Kangen water bottle the alkaline OH water for drinking purposes, while the acidic HO molecule is used for topical applications.

The challenge was to improve their online presence & SEO score within a short span as they were losing their clients very quickly. They were not even in first 10 pages of any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Choosing of proper keyword was another big challenge, as they have business in almost 14 countries over the world & they were not sure what keywords customers use for their business in various countries. Customers use different keywords for a single business in different countries. Our SEO Analysts found following issues in Kangenwell’s website, which need to be resolved immediately:

  • A lot of broKEN links in their website.
  • Very low link popularity.
  • Their business was not even in the first 10 pages of Google/Yahoo/Bing.
  • Outdated keywords were used in their website.
  • No rank for their home page in any search engine.
  • Nowhere in any dictionary sites.
  • Very low social media presence.