HRMS Software

KENCloud™ Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software is complete HRD life cycle management application which involving a very modern approach towards effective employee management, performance management, training management, recruitment management, workflow management, payroll management, appraisal management, attendance management, and more.


  • KENResource™ HRMS is a complete package to take care of Employee Management using various functions including recruitment, training, work assignment, evaluation, performance appraisal, rewards, etc.
  • Recruitment Management allows HR managers to automate Job Requisition, Recruitment Project Creation, Registration of Applicants, Receiving Applications, Arranging Interviews and Hiring with NO or lesser paperwork.
  • Attendance and Leave management is one of the basic functions in KENResource™ HRMS which not only helps HR Managers to track the employees but with the help of Calendar Management they use many more functions for keeping track of birthday alerts, emails, holidays, etc.
  • The Payroll Management automates payroll and salary processing with all the supporting functionalities.
  • Conducting a Training Need Analysis, Registering Trainers & Venue, Calculating Budgets, and Conducting Training is possible using Training Management.


  • Manage Your Business on the go and you can work from anywhere
  • The KENCloud ERP HRMS module offers integrated human capital management Solution
  • Allows you control all attributes of labor management so as to get optimum productivity
  • Seamlessly controls several steps throughout the recruitment process.
  • The KENCloud ERP HRMS module allows you administer timekeeping and leave management planning
  • Consolidate your organization’s payroll processing
  • Increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Lessens expenses.

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