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History & Milestones

The history behind the inception of Swash is rich with milestones. The snapshot will understand it all:

Sometime in the 1800’s

Pal family from Ram Pal to Sarat Pal was primarily into the business of farming and production of wheat and other crops in the Mayurbanj area of Odisha. Then came a time when this entrepreneurship acumen diversified. The first generation of this dynasty moved towards the production of silk from cocoon in the early1800s.


Dr. Prabir Pal incepted the first distribution units of early Bhubaneswar in the name of Raja Automobiles.


Odisha got its first management college in the year 1982. Today it is Odisha’s oldest and highest ranked privately funded education enterprise. The institute has been recently honored with International Accreditation by Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA. http://www.rcm.ac.in


Launched in 1985, Big Fun was one of the hottest selling chewing gums during the Eighties. It was one of the first brands in confectioneries to focus on sales promotion as the core promotional strategy in India. Such was the promotional wizardry that without even running advertisements, Big Fun so enticed kids that they would gladly spend on it, even if it was the last half rupee he ever got.


Dr. Prabir Pal then went on to set-up Pal Consultants Ltd. which became one of the key initiators of industrialization in Odisha.


Year 1995 saw the establishment of Floret Solution Pvt. Ltd., Computer Software Consultants & Services.


Dr. Pritam Pal with his two close friends Swadesh Sarangi and Rohit Mohapatra established publishing house and introducing its first daily magazine titled ‘CityHorizon’ in the year 1999. The magazine holds two titles of “FIRST”– FIRST magazine to be published online as well as in print and FIRST e-book of that time.


From its principal holding company SWASH Consulting Ltd. Dr. Pritam with his two friends spearheaded Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd. in the year 2001- a company which at present has created its own remarkable foothold in the global market place for delivering quality services to its clients. Since its foundation, Swash Convergence has been delivering exclusive and innovative software solutions to enterprises irrespective of their size and growth.

As of today, Swash is a pioneer in software solutions with a rich history of developing and delivering enterprise based solutions and 360d consulting services globally. Being the leading provider of on-demand Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which integrates Human Resource, Finance, Inventory, Production, Sales, Purchase and Customer Relationship Management, we also offer designing and developing software solutions for a wide range of commercial and scientific applications. Its software solutions enable customers to streamline internal operations, facilitate communication among team members, capture & share learning and innovate improved products-quickly and easily.