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Corporate Governance

Following Rules to Be Successful

At Swash Convergence Technologies, we perceive to act as an industry leader thus setting an example for others to follow - a responsibility we are glad to perform. The Team Swash as a whole is dedicated to give good corporate governance, which absolutely ensures that all stakeholder interests are met, culture of integrity is built, clarity and responsibility in business exercises among employees is incorporated, long-term interests of the investors, shareowners, management and the Board are answered and the well-being of the clients and colleagues are met.

We understand that maintaining a healthy corporate governance is the primary key to the coherence of organizations and their economic health. The basic objective of Swash's Corporate Governance is to intensify the shareholder value. We are devoted to an impartial and translucent corporate conduct by careful management supervision, implementing an internal control framework to control risk and manage responsibility, and enforcing scopes for scrupulous compliance across the corporation. The Board regularly reviews developments in corporate governance and updates the Corporate Governance Guidelines and other governance materials as it deems necessary and appropriate.

Swash knows that a well maintained corporate governance determines work direction and performance of an organization. We have a list of must to follow corporate governance policies to divide necessary authorities between different levels of our organization, which is helping us to evaluate our business operations and in taking decisions that are solely independent to company’s management. It helps us for better accountability and transparency within our organization and promotes our good decision-making capabilities to better business operation.

Our corporate governance guidelines helps in effective function of board and its committees. It also guide to make better business and strategic decisions, while helping to achieve better operational results, economic profits, stock market profits and other much needed business benefits.