Build Your Dream Career with Swash Convergence

It is a goal of each and every student to find out the best work place after completing their formal education.

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Meet our Team

We give opportunities to those who work with passion and looks for ideas in the mundane. One who is driven by commitment and believes in team spirit. The mere words take on a greater dimension when put in practice. This is what gives the edge to Swash and what is reflected in our work culture. Involved and caring is what describes everyone who works with us improving the value of our self.

Our business, our structure is designed to enhance every individual's ability, from the policies we have put in place, to the work environment and to the culture we follow. At Swash we don't just provide a job, we appreciate and honor commitments, build individual success, increase your self-worth.

The core development team is made up by highly skilled people with a single minded goal of achieving excellence in their respective field of operation, supported by a young and vibrant team of managers and concept makers, they move hand in hand towards the creations of newer and more successful horizons.

Our team is comprised of:

  • Process Engineers
  • Professional developers
  • Managers and Consultants of the highest caliber and potential

Many of SWASH employees come from India’s Top Schools, and diverse professional backgrounds. We have a mix of specialists & generalists, about 50% women, engineers, statisticians, MBA’s, database experts, all of them focused on exceeding client expectations, their productivity and their perspectives. Our access to the latest technologies keeps our people on the leading edge through continuous training.