Things to remember for IT professionals in todays competitive era.

Anyone who is going to shape career in IT must evaluate themselves to fir for the industry demand.

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Current Openings

swash needs vibrant, creative engineering talent to deliver global projects. we respect people who add value to the organization with their innovative ideas and enthusiasm. a challenging environment is provided for overall growth of every individual. find your job, you can search our jobs database to select a job that best suits your profile and apply against it.

Job Code Position Name No. of Position Posting Date See Details
SCTL-2016/TA-11-101 TECHNICAL ARCHITECT/PROJECT MANAGER 02 12/06/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/BA-11-102 BUSINESS ANALYST 05 12/07/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/WD-11-103 WEB DESIGNER 03 10/07/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/CW-11-104 CONTENT WRITER 02 06/07/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/SM-11-105 SEO MANAGER 02 03/07/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/SE-11-106 SEO EXECUTIVE 04 03/07/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/MD-11-107 MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPER 04 29/06/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/DBA-11-109 SQL DATA BASE ADMINISTRATOR 02 01/07/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/SSE-11-112 SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER/TEAM LEAD 10 18/06/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/JSE-11-113 JUNIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER 20 17/07/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/FE-11-114 TEST ENGINEER 05 15/06/2016 Click Here
SCTL-2016/FE-11-115 FRONT OFFICE EXECUTIVE 01 15/06/2016 Click Here