Advance solutions for
business growth

Customers are seeking convenience like getting everything under one roof with a wide range of options to choose. They also prefer to shop through online and from mobile devices. Today the challenge for most of the retailers is to ensure a healthy margin by improving customer experience and strengthening loyalty. The paradigm shift in consumer behavior and the availability of cutting edge tools are the main reasons for revolution in retail industry. In future the successful retailer would be those who can predict the exact need of customer and accordingly invest and develop creative solutions to map with the needs and hover themselves according to the changes as when occurs.

KENCloud™ RMS & KENCloud™ POS enables retailers to convey an E-2-E retail software solution that unites POS, CRM, e-Commerce, Inventory, Marketing and Finance on a single platform. With our RMS System, retailers are empowered to provide significant and captivating experiences, offer more products, and drive customer satisfaction across multiple channels. It offers solutions to suit the whole range of retail businesses, from companies with one outlet to large chains with multiple stores and provides a 360 degree view of retail operations.