Shifting from on-premises system to Cloud ERP

While making a future plan to move from your on-premise system to a cloud ERP system

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Mobile Email & Browsing Mgmt.

These two aspects are probably the most important security level concerns for any organizations. You need to keep a track of your internal information transferring outside of your organization. When it comes to mobile devices, sometimes it is difficult for admin to keep a track of that. Swash provides a unique solution for both Email & browsing management of your company’s data. Mobile Internet access provides a wealth of possibilities for interactive customer experiences, mobile point of sale transactions and more, but it also poses security risks. Employees often have access to websites that are unnecessary to your business and could contain malware.

Mobile Browsing Management enables secure browsing and provides organizations the ability to make customized settings to meet their unique business and end-user needs. Swash Browser allows administrators to define and enforce secure browsing policies from the admin. Our secure browser allows corporations to take advantage of mobile browsing without security risks.